Resident Evil 3 Remake Coming At One Condition


Resident Evil 2 has surprised many fans out there because of the quality of its remake, something that proves Capcom put a lot of effort into it.

So, looking at it, gamers have already started wondering how great a similar remake for Resident Evil 3 could turn to be.

Talking to Japanese publication GameWatch, producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi hinted at a condition that could allow the developer to work on the remake.

Hirabayashi indeed said that RE2 remake had been built mainly because fans have been asking for it after 21 years.

So, the Resident Evil 3 remake will be done only if supporters show they want it, by buying a copy of RE2 remake, and loudly asking for it on social networks, forums, and events.

Considering how many passionate Resident Evil fans are out there, we expect this to happen in a few months and that Capcom starts to work on yet another remake soon.

Interestingly, since the third remake should be based on Resident Evil 2’s, it could be developed together with another first-person main entry like Resident Evil 8.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Coming At One Condition