Resident Evil 3 Remake Officially Announced, Includes Project Resistance Co-op Campaign


As the leaked concept art earlier this month hinted, Capcom is indeed bringing back Resident Evil 3 for another go-around. The publisher confirmed the remake with a new trailer that released during today’s PlayStation State of Play event. In it, we get a good look at Jill as she takes on the Nemesis and other terrors lingering throughout Raccoon City.

Like Resident Evil 2, the game features a completely remade art style that makes everything look better than ever. These include character redesigns of all its main stars, including Jill, Carlos, and the Nemesis, as well as the environments and settings. And we just might even get a hint of where the menace began.

The game is coming just a few months from now, releasing on Apr. 3, 2020 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. And apparently, it’s not coming alone.

Remember the multiplayer Project Resistance game announced earlier this year, which set four players against waves of enemies, including the unstoppable Mr. X? Well, in a surprise twist, that’s included in the Resident Evil 3 remake as well, rather than being sold as a separate game.

Capcom is also releasing a $180 physical collectors edition, available exclusively at Gamestop, which includes an 11-inch statue of Valentine, among other goodies. Pre-ordering any edition of the game will also nab you the Classic Costume pack, featuring Jill’s original halter-top-and-skirt combo, and a return to Carlos’s classic ‘do.