Resident Evil 4 Fans Delighted by Strange Mod That Turns Ashley Into a Mouse

Moushley is ready to dive into the nightmare.

Image via Nexus Mods

It’s not unheard of for memes or jokes made up by a game’s community to go viral or make their way into the game, thanks to passionate modders. In this case, it’s the recent Remake of Resident Evil 4, and it involves Leon getting a new rodent buddy to join him on his mission.

Thanks to some fan artwork and the power of social media, fans can now install a mod for the RE4 Remake that turns Ashley Graham into an adorable mouse that sits atop Leon’s head and, with his help, aims to save her human counterpart.

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Thanks to viral artwork, Leon is now piloted by “Moushley” in RE4 Remake mod, and fans love it

If you haven’t been on Twitter or social media recently, you’ll likely be very confused about what we are talking about. Right around the game’s release last month, an artist called Mora took to Twitter with some simple artwork and a question; “What if you booted up resident evil 4 remake and Ashley was just a tiny mouse, what would you do.” The accompanying artwork featured Ashley Graham, or “Moushley” as she has been called, as an adorable mouse who craves cheese. Naturally, fans caught wind of this, and a slew of fan art followed, and people shared their love for the idea. Even the official Resident Evil Twitter account got in on the joke.

Seeing this as a golden opportunity, modder cathroom, alongside 3D modeler theComicFiend, went about creating the ‘Moushley Graham – Ratatouille Mod,’ which was released today. Now players can enjoy Moushley’s company as they traverse the Spanish town. The mod is straightforward, as it’s only a simple hair replacement, which features Moushley pulling on some of Leon’s golden locks, much like Remy from the Pixar film Ratatouille.

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Unsurprisingly, the response to the mod has been positive, with many comments on the mod’s page being fans thrilled to see its inclusion. It’s topped off by the excellent description of the mod, saying, “This is Moushley Graham. She’s cheesed to meet you, and she craves violence.”

Whether you decide to use the mod or not, you can’t deny its creativity and charm, and it’s got the potential to be a fan favorite. It will certainly be a strange encounter when Ashley meets her mousey counterpart.