Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 Demos Now Live on Switch eShop


As if there weren’t enough brand new games coming out this month, several notable remakes are also getting released. These include Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 on the Nintendo Switch. As of today, you can try both of them out, with demos now live on the Switch eShop.

Whether you’ve played these editions of Capcom’s legendary zombie-killing franchise or not, these two demos are worth a look. Both remakes look like they’re aiming to be the definitive versions of the games, packed with DLC.

Resident Evil 5 includes the Lost in Nightmares and Desperate Escape expansions, plus cosmetic DLC. It also brings all the previously released singleplayer and multiplayer modes. There’s the Versus mode, No Mercy mode, and a new mode called The Mercenaries United, which combines the previously released The Mercenaries and The Mercenaries Reunion. Resident Evil 5 was the first time a Resident Evil game designed for co-op play. These mechanics carried on into Resident Evil 6, as was its more action-oriented style of gameplay compared to previous entries in the series.

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Resident Evil 6 includes singleplayer and four-player co-op, plus the six-player competitive Survivor mode, in which players turn against each other rather than fighting off zombies together. It also has all of the original game’s DLC, plus two costumes for each of the main characters that were initially only available by signing up on

Both Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 will release on Oct. 29, just in time for Halloween. They’ll be available for $29.99 each, but players who already have Resident Evil, Resident Evil 0, or Resident Evil 4 on their Nintendo account will get a discount. The two new releases will also come in a bundle with Resident Evil 4, called the Resident Evil Triple Pack, for $59.99.