Resident Evil, Devil May Cry “Major Capcom Brands,” Next Games By Younger Staff


In the latest Integrated Annual Report, Capcom has pointed out that it considers Resident Evil and Devil May Cry “major brands” in its portfolio and that it will keep making games out of them, even involving younger staff to bring in new ideas and approaches.

While you could expect that for Resident Evil, which is the best-selling IP from the Japanese developer and publisher, that’s something fans of Devil May Cry will be glad to hear, considering that the series has gone through a few disappointing chapters and resurrected with the latest.

“Moreover, they are overflowing with energy, and desire to use their skills to develop new markets, which is why they joined Capcom, whose DNA is rooted in focus on global markets,” says the report talking about the new staffers.

“If the employee is highly capable, they may be assigned to the development of major brands, such as Resident Evil or Devil May Cry, in the early years of their career,” it adds. “Learning and achieving results under the tutelage of a leader while taking on more responsibility over time readies that employee to eventually take on a leadership role themselves in the future.”

Again, Devil May Cry 5 was very warmly received and had good sales and critics. Despite that, its development was cut short and didn’t bring in new content post-release, which was a bit disappointing for people who wanted expansions and new modes and had them wondering about how much Capcom cared about it. Perhaps, this is the answer they needed.