Resident Evil Reveals First trailer of Project Resistance, a Four-Player Co-Op Experience


Despite it being the zombie apocalypse, you don’t need to fight it alone. A new Resident Evil trailer shows off a new game in the franchise, so far, we only know it as Project Resistance. It got leaked last week, and Capcom decided to reveal they were going to show off a trailer for the game, shortly after.

You can check out the trailer below released from the official Resident Evil Twitter page.

We see four, brand new characters working together to fight off a small group of zombies. Some of the characters have guns, while others rely on more conventional, melee weapons, like a baseball bat.

While this is going on, someone is watching the entire event unfold. The person watching is also the one releasing the numerous zombies and sending them out against the small group. We’re likely going to see Project Resistance as a four-person game. However, it may even turn into a five-player engagement, where one player is releasing the zombies on the small group.

By making it a five-person game, Capcom would be setting the bar bit higher than what people are expecting, which is a Left 4 Dead clone.

As of right now, we only have the name Project Resistance and the trailer to go off of at this time. We’re likely going to receive additional details in the future, such as a release date, and the chance we’re going to see other more notable Resident Evil characters in the game. So far, it seems like an original cast, Mr. X not counting.

We’re eagerly waiting to hear more in the future from Capcom about Project Resistance.