Returnal’s PC graphical features revealed in new trailer — prepare your eyes for 4K 60 FPS super ultrawide settings

The world of Atropos has never looked better.


Screenshot by Gamepur

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Sony has detailed the different graphical features that will be available in the upcoming PC port of Returnal, but fans will need a powerful PC to get the game looking better than it does on PlayStation 5. A new trailer has revealed when Returnal’s PS5 exclusivity is ending, as it’s coming to PC on February 15.

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A trailer for the PC version of Returnal has been uploaded to the official PlayStation YouTube channel, showing off just how good the game can look with sufficiently beefy hardware. The third-person shooter roguelike can hit 4K resolution and 60 frames per second, with options for ultrawide and super ultrawide aspect ratios. The game will feature NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR options, support for ray-traced reflections, 3D audio through Dolby Atmos, and wired DualSense support for adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

Those who missed out on the game when it was released on PS5 will be happy to know that the post-launch free content from the PS5 version of Returnal will be available in the PC port from day one. This means that Returnal’s two-player co-op mode is part of the game, along with the endless mode titled Tower of Sisyphus. PC players will be getting the complete package at launch and will be able to enjoy the game with friends from the get-go.

PC players who want to lord it over their PS5-owning friends will need the hardware to back it up. The official PlayStation Blog has revealed the hardware specs for Returnal, and players who want to experience the best visuals will need an Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti (12 GB) or an AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT (16 GB), with similarly beefy CPU and RAM. Returnal was already a graphical showcase on the PS5, with some of the most gorgeous visuals on the console, so the game has the potential to look incredible on a high-end PC.