Ring Fit Adventure is back in stock at some online retailers

No more excuses for being a couch potato while social distancing.

Character with fiery hair surrounded by a ring, using a ring to defeat an enemy with the Ring Fit Adventure logo in the left.

One of the most popular games and accessories for the Nintendo Switch, Ring Fit Adventure, is finally being restocked. The game has reappeared on Amazon and other online retailers such as Walmart and Target.

The game has been in high demand since before the start of the pandemic and has recently only been available on sites like eBay for an inflated price. Nintendo has since been scrambling to meet the high demand for the game and appears to finally be making some headway.

Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure has been difficult to get since February due largely to the pandemic. A hit on release due to its unique ring accessory and game mechanics, which encourage physical activity to progress through the game, Ring Fit Adventure has been in very high demand as a way to stay active while self-isolating.

Nintendo first reported the shortages in mid-March, stating it was doing everything it could to provide more copies of Ring Fit as soon as possible. But until now, the game has gone the way that toilet paper and hand sanitizer did when quarantine first began.

Today, the game is available online through Amazon, Walmart, and Target. The game is also slowly being restocked at some physical store locations, but availability is varied. If you do choose to check a local gaming retailer instead of ordering online, consider calling first.