Riot Games Forms Publishing Label, Will Focus On League of Legends Titles


Back in October, Riot Games confirmed that it has a number of huge projects planned for the new year—and not just League of Legends Champion additions. These projects include bringing League of Legends to consoles for the first time; introducing new fighting, shooting and action/role-playing games; and dealing out the cards with its own take on Hearthstone, Legends of Runeterra. But the real question is… who’s going to publish all these titles? Well, actually, Riot itself will.

The company announced today that it is forming its own publishing group to handle these releases, under the name Riot Forge. Its main goal is to publish titles that revolve around the League of Legends IP. But it’s not just limited to these internal projects, as it will work with several partner developers on other yet-unnamed releases.

“There are so many talented game studios around the world that have exceptional experience and craft skills in all areas of game development, and we are really excited to work together to bring the LoL IP to new game experiences,” Greg Street, vice president of IP and Entertainment, said in a press release.

While it hasn’t revealed any games for its label just yet (outside of its livestream back in October), it won’t be long until fans find out what’s in store. The Game Awards will host a special reveal next Thursday, with a specific Riot Forge developer announcing its project. The show takes place on Dec. 12. (And no, it’s not Wild Rift, though that will likely be published under the label.)

In the meantime, the official logo for Riot Forge is above. It looks pretty effective, and something that looks proper when stamped on a box.