Riot Games Explains That Its First-Person Shooter Is More Tactful Than Overwatch


Last week, Riot Games celebrated the 10th-anniversary of League of Legends in style, announcing several new games tying into the MOBA’s universe. Among these is a new first-person shooter under the code name Project A, which is currently in development. But before people go thinking, “Oh, it’s League of Legends’ version of Overwatch,” the team wants to make it clear that the game is much deeper than that.

PCGamesN was able to get more information out of Riot CEO Nicolo Laurant about the project. He noted that it’s not like Overwatch at all, but leans more towards being “a tactical shooter.”

“It’s very lethal, and it’s very tactical. You’re going to have very limited windows to use your abilities,” Laurant explained.

But he also noted that its League of Legends reach isn’t as extensive as some fans think. “We can’t have Pantheon leaping from the sky and causing havoc, because the focus needs to be on the gunplay,” he continued. “In the end, it made more sense for us to create a brand new IP instead.”

And it’ll undoubtedly be balanced with the characters the team has in mind for it. “We understood that forcing League of Legends champions into the shooter game wouldn’t make a lot of sense. It’s a tactical shooter, so everyone has to have the same hitbox and the same weapons.”

Outside of that, Laurent didn’t have any new information to divulge. But more details — and possibly an official name — for Project A are expected sometime in 2020. We’ll see what the future holds while we learn more information.