Risk of Rain 2 Announced For Nintendo Switch, Coming This Summer


Risk of Rain 2, the indie smash hit from Hopoo Games, has been announced for the Nintendo Switch. The game will release some time this summer, Hopoo confirmed during Nintendo’s Indie Direct from Gamescom in Germany.

Risk of Rain 2 has been the surprise indie hit of the year, releasing on PC on the 28 of March, and rapidly hitting high sales numbers. The game was also a critical success, with the smooth gameplay and rewarding rogue-lite loops performing well for an Early Access title. Since then the game has received the Scorched Acres update, adding new content, with more planned as the game moves closer to full release over the coming year.

Risk of Rain 2 takes the gameplay from the original game and brings it into a 3D environment. Up to four players battle waves of enemies as they search for a teleporter to bring them to the next level. The game has various Survivors that you can play and a host of items which will give you new buffs and abilities. As you collect items and your build becomes more powerful, the difficult increases on a timer, sending more and more enemies your way.

Each level ends with a boss fight while you wait for the portal to charge up, and the game is filled with hidden secrets and challenges for you to figure out. The game has sold incredibly well on PC, so I expect to see the same happen on the Nintendo Switch.