Risk of Rain 2 Devs Surprise PC Players With Early Access to Hidden Realms Update


Risk of Rain 2 PC fans can open a holiday gift early this year when the surprise launch of the next update, called Hidden Realms, goes out today, Dec. 17.

Perhaps the most exciting part is a new survivor, Acrid, a melee-range hybrid character capable of using incredible poisons to damage its enemies. They’ll be able to take down tanky enemies far easier with poisonous attacks, rather than relying on outright heavy damage. You may recognize Acrid from the original Risk of Rain, when players acquired them after defeating them in the Sunken Tombs.

His abilities include:

  • Passive – Poison: Some attacks apply poison which deals damage over time but cannot kill enemies.
  • Primary – Vicious Wounds: Maul an enemy, dealing double damage every third hit.
  • Secondary – Neurotoxin: Spit toxic bile that damages and poisons enemies.
  • Utility – Caustic Leap: Leap into the air, damaging, stunning, and poisoning nearby enemies on impact. Leave behind a pool of acid that deals damage.
  • Special – Epidemic: Release a deadly poison that deals damage and poisons enemies. The poison continually spreads to up to 20 enemies.

Beyond the new survivor, there are two new stage variants for the Titanic Plains and Distant Roost; two new hidden realms called Void Fields and another unnamed location; three skill variants for REX, Loader, and Acrid; a new Scavenger boss; a new secret boss; and much more. We’ve got the full patch notes here.