Risk of Rain 2’s Skills 2.0 Update Arrives On September 17, And It Looks Like Loader Is Back


Risk of Rain 2’s Skills 2.0 update is set to drop on Sept. 17. The developers, Hopoo Games, promised this would be a pretty big update during their E3 live stream, so my excitement levels are pretty high right now. On top of that, you can see in the picture above that a new Survivor is on the way.

Fans of the original Risk of Rain should be happy to see a 3D Loader in the picture. They’ve torn away from his 2D origins into a dramatic new dimension filled with threats and rogue-like fun. I mean, who else could it be?

September is already jam-packed with games, but if I am willing to make room for anything, it is Risk of Rain 2. Hopoo Games have a vice-like grip around whichever part of my brain decides what games I play because I am still sneaking in runs whenever I can. An update means I get to play it even more, and nobody can give out to me for it.

In what is turning into a fantastic year for games, Risk of Rain 2’s frantic action gameplay and desperate fight for survival is still my number one pick. Hard to believe it’s still in Early Access! You can team up with friends to try and survive against waves of monstrous enemies, jumping from level to level in search of safety which never comes. Do you know what does show up? Giant flaming sky worms. Because sometimes life is like that.

We’ll be stalking Hopoo’s official social media accounts for clues about what the update will contain, and if they let anything slip we will update as soon as we can.