Risk of Rain 2 Launches on Steam Early Access, Available Now

You’re going to remember 2019 as the year full of surprises launches because we had Apex Legends come out of nowhere in early February, and now you can jump into Risk of Rain 2’s early access on Steam right now for $20. There was no build up or announcement by the developers, Hopoo Games.

You can hop over to Steam right now, type in Risk of Rain 2 and purchase the game and jump right into the fully 3D world. Unlike the last one, which was a 2D action-platformer, this one is taking a different approach with entirely 3D rendered planets. Hopoo Games plans to keep Risk of Rain 2 in early access for 12 months, so if you want to wait for the fully-finished version, then you can come back to it sometime in 2020.

So far, there are six playable characters, six bosses, and over 75 items and equipment to loot. During the 12-month early access cycle, Hopoo Games plans to release to have a total of 10 characters, 10 stages, over 100 items in the game, and have players fight 12 different bosses.

If you purchase the game before March 30, you’ll receive an extra copy you can gift to a friend, so you can start playing in Co-op right now.

For those who are interested in getting involved in the Risk of Rain 2 community, Hopoo Games created a Discord channel for the game, which you can join here.