Risk of Rain 2 Hits 500,000 Players in One Week


Game developers Hopoo Games released a follow-up to their indie 2D platformer hit, Risk of Rain in Steam early access seemingly out of nowhere last week. As soon as they announced it, it was off to the racers, and many rushed to Steam to grab it. For the first 48-hours, those who bought the game for $20 received an additional copy they could send to a friend so they could play together.

It looks like that, and the hype around a brand new Risk of Rain game worked. In a single week, there have been 500,000 people playing the game in its Early Access state.

Risk of Rain 2 features plenty of changes from its predecessor. For example, it’s no longer a 2D platformer. Now, there’s a 3D world and players control their character in an over the shoulder perspective as they rush around the game attempting to survive the onslaught of dangerous enemies.

Returning fans are going to recognizing a lot of enemies and characters in Risk of Rain 2, as the developers wanted to have plenty of fresh elements to make the game feel the same, but still new.

Earlier today, Hopoo Games released their first patch notes, which we detail here. The patch notes were meant to address early community feedback, and any issues players were experiencing during the game’s launch. With the most significant problems out of the way, the team is going to start focusing on their Early Access roadmap, which is going to be a 12-month project of consistently updating the game with four more characters, new bosses, levels, and equipment.

You can expect plenty of activity from the Hopoo Games development team as they continue to take community feedback, and address their timeline accordingly.