Risk of Rain 2 Developers Releasing Roadmap Soon, Including Bug Fixes They Know About


Risk of Rain 2′s surprise early development launch was a surprise many did not expect to see a few weeks ago. Not only that, but the game’s developers, Hopoo Games, are actively behind the project pushing to get as much new content out there, and already have a roadmap in place to get the 1.0 version out in 12 months.

The developers not only have an existing roadmap they’re feverishly attempting to meet at deadlines, but they’ve been extensively open about wanting to address player’s issues with the current build of the game. Their first Early Access patch went on last Wednesday, on April 3, but they’re also doing their best to ensure their player base is aware they’re acknowledging and reading all of the issues.

In the latest post in Risk of Rain 2’s news section, the second stream of Developer Thoughts has come out. These Developer Thoughts posts point out some of the major points they want to address, along with the minor ones they’re planning to get to and other things they want to work on in the future.

From the Steam post, players can expect to see the official Risk of Rain 2 roadmap releasing sometime this week, supposedly. There’s always going to be an alternative, straightforward method for collecting one of the game’s rarer currencies, the lunar coins, rather than hoping to get them by endlessly killing massive amounts of enemies. Additionally, Hopoo Games plans to release additional languages beyond English for those who do not speak it.

Here’s the full list we pulled from the Steam post, below. You can read the full news page here.

Major Points

  • We want to get our content roadmap available to users as soon as possible – we will be working on that this week.
  • Noting a LOT of people are dying very suddenly to blazing affixes and not enjoying it, and it will be tuned down. We do have concerns that the fire affix is artificially gating the difficulty and the game will be much easier once it’s been normalized, but we will have to address that as it comes.
  • Noting people want a legitimate way to actively pursue lunar coins
  • Fighting Worm isn’t fun, even though it is one of our higher effort bosses.
  • People have gotten far enough into the game that things just… stop spawning. For context, the game skips spawn that it deems is too easy for the number of “spawn credits” it has. If you’ve gotten to that point congrats, the game thinks Overloading Worms are a bit too easy for you. This will naturally be fixed once higher tier monsters and affixes are added to the game. For now… it means that you terrified the whole planet.
  • Some players falling through the floor on level startup
  • Noting a large amount of players whose primary language isn’t English who we want to support with localized text

Minor Points

  • No one seems to notice Ice affix explosion on death
  • Some users are still getting really low performance, while some are not.
  • Prismatic Trials leaderboard change seems to be positive!
  • Noting a lot of concerns that characters will continually get nerfed in a PvE game
  • Engineer’s weird dependency on Bustling Fungus to be viable has always been a concern for once we add more items – he will have a smaller percentage fungii in the pool. How will we make sure every item patch doesn’t make Engi worse?
  • Noting the Mercenary sometimes launching Greater Wisps into space
  • MUL-T seems to have issues going up specific slopes with his lower speed
  • Noting players want the number of Stages Complete displayed on the HUD
  • Noting some Equipment are activating multiple times repeatedly over the network

Stuff we are working on

  • Content/Early Access Roadmap
  • Improving the way we save data to further prevent save file corruption or the game not saving at all
  • Players falling through the floor on entering a new stage
  • Wake of Vultures taking half your health
  • Improve MUL-T equipment swapping logic
  • Changing burning calculation
  • Improve the other elites (Ice, Lightning) to be threatening as well
  • Improve Worm fight to be fun
  • Changing the way some languages handle specific characters and fonts to make sure they are consistent
  • Some inconsistent proc coefficients for certain survivor abilities (Artificer is very very low for no reason)
  • Lots of bug fixes and quality of life improvements
  • Adding in some Community Suggestions, we have gathered from tweets, emails, and the official Discord

There’s plenty to look forward as the Hopoo Games continues to update players and inform them of their progress. Supposedly, the next character to release in the game is going to be the Bandit, but this information remains unconfirmed.

We’ll update you as we learn more.

If you haven’t already picked up Risk of Rain 2 yet, you can head over to Steam and buy it for $20.00.