Bandit Might Be The Next Character In Risk Of Rain 2


It looks like Bandit might be coming back in Risk of Rain 2. Reddit user AtheosLoL seems to be a talented person indeed. Not only did they find information on Bandit in the game files, but they also managed to render the character in Unity. Bandit is somewhat of a fan favorite from the first Risk of Rain, so it would be fun to see him return!

Now, while it would be great to start celebrating, Hopoo Games own Duncan Drummond has since tweeted that we shouldn’t take “datamined content as being indicative of future content.”

This is very good advice, especially for a game this early in the Early Access process. I imagine all things will be in the game files right now, from character to systems, that simply haven’t made the cut. It is also possible that some characters who were in the previously 2D Risk of Rain may have trouble transferring into the 3D sequel.

Still, we are allowed to get excited about things, just don’t let that excitement be mistaken for confirmation! The game is going to spend about a year in Early Access, so a lot of things about it will possibly change as we get closer to release.