Risk of Rain 2’s Second Patch Adds A Bunch Of Community Suggestions to Characters, Monsters, and More


Risk of Rain 2’s most recent patch brings all kinds of exciting changes to the game. Hopoo Games have stated that the patch is designed to address all kinds of issues that they couldn’t safely patch in the first week of play. It also includes some class balancing, and plenty of fixes, including to Elite enemy behavior.

The dreaded Fire Elites have had their damage reworked, as it wasn’t being calculated correctly. When afflicted by Burning damage, players will now be able to see how many stacks they have on them in the buff bar. They also capped burning damage at 5% of health per stack.

The intent here is to make it clear to the player what exactly a burn DOES, regardless of how it’s applied. Players never were told by the game that burning actually stacks. If you have a certain number of burn stacks, you will now be aware of exactly how much that will hit for. Overall this should make the burns way less bursty and way more consistent, also allowing heal over time effects to help counteract the damage. The intent is NOT to make the entire game easier, or to make burns never kill you. Fire elites are the only purely offensive elite-type, so they should be causing deaths. It should just feel less BS now.

When it comes to the Survivors, the Artificer has seen some great changes, as he was potentially quite weak compared to the others.

  • [Community Suggestion] Increase the Artificer proc coefficient on Flame Bolt from 0.2 to 1.
  • [Community Suggestion] Increase Artificer proc coefficient on Snap Freeze pillars from 0 to 1.
  • [Community Suggestion] Increase Artificer’s Snap Freeze explosion radius from 1.5m to 2.5m to alleviate it not always freezing enemies who trigger it
  • *Artificer mistakenly had very low proc coefficients. Consider these bug fixes.*

This is all good news, as the Artificer had a fun kit, he merely lacked the presence that many of the other Survivors had in the game. The Huntress has also gotten a buff to her Arrow Rain ability, while the Mercenary has been rebalanced slightly to allow for more recasting of abilities without losing his recasts.

The Commando is mostly staying as he is, but his visual and sound effects have been changed a little bit. Hopoo Games felt that his presence in the game was good; he simply lacked the in-game feel that some of the other Survivors had.

There are also a whole host of bug fixes and other changes that you should read up on in the full patch notes. Other games demanding my attention have meant I haven’t gotten to play Risk of Rain 2 for a couple of days, but I will be jumping back in later to check out all these changes.