Risk of Rain 2’s Scorched Acres Update Arrives On June 25


Risk of Rain 2’s first content update, called Scorched Acres, will arrive on June 25! I am excited about this news. Scorched Acres will introduce a new character in the form of Rex, a new area to explore, and new monsters to fight.

Rex, the new character, is a part plant, part robot. He is an entirely new Survivor and has not appeared in the series before. He combines reliable damage output, with a healthy self-heal, and good zoning potential. If you want to learn all about him, check out our full write up from E3 2019.

For the other Survivors, the Artificer will be getting a new passive to buff her a little. By holding space, you will be able to hover in place, and it has no cooldown, the devs described it as “unlimited.” They hope this will allow the Artificer to position better in fights, and it can also be used to avoid fall damage. They have also reworked some of the math behind how she dishes out damage, and she will do more damage with massive single target attacks, but a little weaker with abilities that put out constant damage.

There will also be a new environment coming to the game; what we assume is Scorched Acres itself. The new area is designed to feel more structured than previous regions and features a new tier of enemy to fight. The update will introduce “Elite Elites,” a potent enemy type that begins to spawn after 30-minute runs.

Risk of Rain 2 has been the surprise indie hit of the year. The 3D roguelike action game from developers Hopoo quickly racked up a million units in sales after it launched earlier this year. The game is, for want of a better description, the original game, but the limitation of 2D changed to a 3D, third-person, action game. It has been an enormous success, and we understand why as we love the game.

We will do our best to bring you all the information you will need when the update drops, so make sure you check back with us on June 25.