Risk of Rain 2 Will Be Showing Off Scorched Acres Update Live From E3 Later Today | E3 2019


Update: The live stream has happened, and we have two different write ups covering all the details that were revealed. For an in-depth look at the new character Rex, you can read this article. For a breakdown the details that were revealed about the Scorched Acres update, you can read this article.

Original Story: Later today, on the IGN Live stream from E3 2019, we will get to learn all about Risk of Rain 2’s next big update, Scorched Acres. We will get to see the new Survivor (teased in the image here), as well as the new environment, boss, and other changes that will be coming to the game.

You can tune in to IGN Live at 2:00 pm PT later today, and on Thursday Hopoo Games will be live on Twitch at 1:45 pm to share even more details with us. Scorched Acres will be a free update to the game for everyone who owns it, and is part of the Hopoo teams year-long plan to bring the game through Early Access to full release.

Risk of Rain 2 has been the indie smash hit of the year, rapidly selling over a million copies as people fell in love with the 3D action roguelike game. You play as various Survivors trying to survive against enemies and make your way through teleporters to the next level. The game is filled with items that show up randomly on your runs, meaning each time you play is different.

The Survivors encompass a range of strengths and playstyles that mean there is something for everyone to enjoy, and the game becomes great fun on higher difficulty settings as enemies start to flood the screen. I’ve had a lot of fun playing this one with friends. I can’t wait to see what the next batch of content will be, and am especially excited to find out who the new Survivor will be.

I’ll be glued to the stream later today and will bring you all the details as they are revealed.