Nintendo Switch game files found in Risk of Rain 2’s PC release


When Risk of Rain 2 launched last week on PC, fans were greeted with a somewhat polished game that had all the secrets, challenges, and allure of the original game that launched all those years ago.

Console players, however, were left with more questions and answers as no console release was confirmed at the time. That didn’t stop some eagle-eyed fans, however, from looking into the games files to seek answers for questions Hopoo Games were not commenting on.

And would you behold, someone was able to find Nintendo Switch files located in the games files, albeit for the controllers that do have Steam support. One file does stick out from the rest, however. The one that mentions “Handheld.asset” as this file would only be added to a Switch game to allow the title to be played in the handheld mode with both Joy-Con controllers attached to the system,

While these files do not point towards a Risk of Rain 2 console port anytime soon, fans are still hopeful of some form of announcement in the future. Hopoo Games have gone on record saying they plan to release the game on consoles for version 1.0, but have no plans to bring the current early access version of the game to Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch anytime soon.

Still, if you want to at least get a feel for the game with a console controller, nothing is stopping you from doing so. Just plug in your PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch controller of choice and have some fun.

H/T Spiel Times