Roblox has been down for over 30 hours

Roblox is currently out of order.

Image via Roblox

Roblox, one of the biggest gaming platforms globally, has been down for over 30 hours. The platform suddenly went down at 7 PM ET on October 28th and is yet to go live again.

Initially, many speculated that the massive platform went down due to the ongoing Chipotle promotion in which the food chain company is handing out $1 million worth of free burritos on Roblox as part of the Halloween celebration. However, Roblox has since confirmed by a tweet that the server downtime is not due to the Chipotle promotion. Roblox has also released another tweet acknowledging the issue. That said, they are yet to confirm when the platform will go live again. “We know you’re having issues using Roblox right now. We’re sorry and working hard to get things back to normal.” says the official Roblox Twitter account.

The world of Roblox is immense, and more than 40 million users play a game on it daily. Although most of its users constitute kids under the age of 13, it’s still a massive hit amongst the general gaming crowd. Like many other games, its popularity skyrocketed during the pandemic, and the company is currently valued at over US$45 billion.