Roblox surpasses 150 million monthly users

The platform is bigger than ever.

Roblox Players

Image via Roblox Corporation

At the sixth annual Roblox Developer Conference, Roblox announced that the program now has surpassed the 150 million monthly users mark. This total is the highest amount of monthly users the platform has had since its release in 2006.

Roblox also announced that developers are now set to earn a combined $250M, an increase from the $110M that was paid out in 2019. Developers earn money based on the number of in-game products that are sold, as well as engagement numbers. Game developers, per Roblox, earned $2M in June alone off the platform’s new Premium Payouts system, which pays developers based on the engagement time of Premium subscribers in-game.

“The accomplishments of our developer community have eclipsed even our loftiest expectations; I am incredibly impressed by the unique and creative experiences being introduced on the Roblox platform,” said David Baszucki, founder and CEO of Roblox Corperation. Baszucki added that Roblox is committed to giving developers the tools necessary to further their vision. Among some of the new tools that developers have at their disposal are new automatic machine translations for all supported languages, as well as a new partnership with music label Monstercat.

Several developer milestones were also announced at the RDC. As of now. The puzzle-game Piggy, which launched in January, has nearly five billion visits since its launch on Roblox. Additionally, Adopt Me!, which launched in 2017, now has over 10 billion plays on the Roblox platform.