Rocket League to Blast Loot Crates Away Next Month

Rocket League Blueprints

Following a recent trend of ditching the often-controversial monetization practice commonly known as loot boxes, developer Psyonix is removing randomized crates and keys from its hit game Rocket League next month, replacing them with new offerings called Blueprints and Credits.

With this system in place, players will have a chance to obtain revealed Blueprints following each online match. From there, they can build the item from the Blueprint with new in-game Credits, purchased from the cash shop; set it aside for another time; or trade it with another player. Revealing a Blueprint won’t cost anything, allowing players to see what they rolled and decide what to do with it without spending any real-world money. Credits can also be used to purchase items and cosmetics directly from the shop.

Any leftover crates in player inventories will automatically convert into Blueprints once the update, which the company expects to rev up Dec. 4 around 10am PDT, goes live. Psyonix provided a rundown of the Blueprints that will be available, with a variety to choose from.

In addition, the latest Rocket Pass for the game will go live on this date, and Competitive Season 13 will kick off. Those who took part in Season 12 will also be able to pick from a number of rewards. Psyonix posted a full update on what else players can expect when early December rolls around.

Rocket League is the second major game to ditch loot boxes this week, following PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds refining its system just a few days ago.