Today is your last chance to get the event exclusive Rockruff in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon


Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon’s first event is coming to an end on Jan. 11, meaning players only have a single day left to get themselves a special Rockruff.

In order to get it, players need to access the Mystery Gift feature from the main menu and search for the gift in the online menus. After successfully downloading the Rockruff, players can pick it up from any in-game Pokémon Centre.

The Rockruff itself is level 10, and depending on which version of the game you have the Rockruff will come with one of two moves. If players download the Rockruff on Ultra Sun it will have the move Fire Fang, while owners of Ultra Moon will have Thunder Fang. It also comes with a special in-game item, Focus Band, which has a 10 percent chance of protecting any Pokémon from fainting.

This Rockruff is different from others, however, as it has the ability to evolve into a Ultra Sun and Moon exclusive Pokémon—Dusk Form Lycanroc. In order to unlock Dusk Form Lycanroc, players will need to evolve Rockruff between the hours of 5pm and 5:59pm local time in order to unlock the special form.

Currently, there is no other way to get this special Pokémon, so if you want to complete your Pokédex, you better act fast.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon is out now for Nintendo 3DS.