Rocksteady Confirms They Will Not Attend E3 2019 As They Work on Unknown Project


It’s little surprise to everyone that Rocksteady, the developers behind the Batman Arkham series, have decided not to attend E3 2019. This choice follows in pattern with their choice from last year.

The co-founder of the game development company, Sefton Hill, announced on Twitter in the middle of the afternoon.

Hill has done his best to ensure fans are entirely aware when his team at Rocksteady are ready to reveal anything in regards to a new game or are planning to tease something at any of the more significant events.

We can confirm the team at Rocksteady is hard at work at their next gaming project. It’s unknown what this could project could be, with only small, dismissive rumors floating around about it.

There are plenty more surprises set to happen at this year’s E3 conference. For those who are curious about the conference schedule, make sure to check back here to ensure you have all of the times written down, and you have the chance to prepare accordingly. Many of the conferences at E3 2019 can run for more than an hour, with plenty of world-exclusives and gameplay trailers.

You won’t want to miss it.