Rogue Legacy 2 adds its third major content patch, The Drifting Worlds

New biomes to explore. New classes to master.

Image via Cellar Door Games

Rogue Legacy 2 released back in August of 2020 in early access form. While the game was far from complete at launch, it boasted a gorgeous new art style and more of that roguelike goodness that made the first game so beloved. The team at Cellar Door Games continues to build on that foundation with huge, new content patches, and on May 18, they released their third update. Called The Drifting Worlds, this update promises to add copious content for players to work through.

Maybe most notable is the new biome. The Sun Tower area looks like it’s going to require tight platforming ability to best its challenges. While the trailer Cellar Door released today is relatively short, you can quickly see that this region is going to be a beast. You’re dashing and jumping all over the place. In fact, the developers have gone so far as to call this they’re “most challenging biome yet.” That’s high praise for a game that prides itself on difficult platforming.

Fortunately, you’ll have two new classes to play with to help you get past The Sun Tower. The Lancer can dash across environments with their thrust. Their mobility can help turn the tide of a difficult battle. Meanwhile, the Boxer gets in their opponents face to punch their lights out. Then, they can toss one enemy into another with their Knockout punch.

On top of all of this, the team has added all kinds of post-game content. Whether it’s using the Threads of Fate to customize your new game+ experience or the Scars of Erebus to go against challenges that payout with great rewards, this content is exceptional for players hoping to continue once credits have rolled.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a complete update without some optimization and tweaking. Now, you can acquire Fabled Weapons that provide deadly combat options, but at a cost. Plus, you can finally form real relationships with your friends on the Docks. And this is just the tip of the new content. Make sure to give the full rundown a watch below.