Roguebook, from Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield, is out today

Page by page.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Roguebook, the new videogame from Magic: The Gathering and Keyforge creator Richard Garfield is out today, and it is looking to cast its spell over all who play it. The roguelike, deck-building, exploration based game challenges players to make clever choices both when exploring and when fighting.

Players will be trapped in the Book of Lore of Faeria, and will have to explore each page to find treasure and rewards before taking on the boss that guards the page to progress to the next one. The games heroes all come with their own decks that players will need to use to find synergies between their tanky front-liners and damage dealing back-liners.

With over 200 cards in the game, the deckbuilding aspect is rich and deep, and can be further expanded upon by using Relics to buff your characters, and special gems to infuse into cards to change how they behave in subtle ways.

There are few “nerd” games that can challenge Dungeons and Dragons when it comes to cultural impact, but Magic: The Gathering is surely one of them. Invented by Richard Garfield, the game has become a massive cultural phenomenon in its own right. While it has been a while since Garfield was involved