Romero Games and Paradox Interactive Partner on New IP


Strategy game experts Paradox Interactive who have developed iconic titles like Crusader Kings II, Stellaris, and Hearts of Iron IV, and Romero Games, who have worked on Doom, Quake, Wizardry 8, and much more, are coming together to create a brand new strategy game. This new game is going to be a brand new IP.

Both teams are expressing their excitement about getting to work together and using their unique expertise to craft this new title together.

“We are thrilled to work with industry legends, Brenda and John Romero, whose games we’ve grown up playing ourselves and long admired,” said Ebba Ljungerud, the CEO of Paradox Interactive. “At Paradox Interactive, we’ve built a reputation for top-tier strategy games, and we’re employing that expertise to help build something really special with the team at Romero Games.”

Brenda Romero, Co-Founder of Romero Games, responded with, “This has been a project we’ve been wanting to work on for a long time, so it’s especially exciting that we’ll be partnering with Paradox Interactive to fully realize that dream. We can’t wait to tell everyone more.”

As of right now, there no hints as to what the project is going to be.

Everyone is going to learn more during this year’s E3. However, if you’d like to stay in the loop and gain as many details as possible, feel free to jump on their shared website to sign up for their newsletter.