The Royal Ghost is the latest card added to Clash Royale


A long-awaited card has finally been added to Clash Royale.

The Royal Ghost became available in the game earlier today. It’s a three-elixir legendary card, which means it’ll be rather difficult to unlock. The Royal Ghost can be obtained once you’ve reached Arena 10, Hog Mountain.

This legendary card is a fast melee troop that can deal 135 damage per second at level one. But the most unique aspect of the Royal Ghost is the new feature it’s brought to the game—invisibility.

When you summon the Royal Ghost, it’ll be invisible on the battlefield until it attacks. If it successfully kills an opponent’s card, it’ll become invisible once more until he attacks again.

This legendary card brings several new strategic options to the game. The ghost can creep up on melee cards, or invisibly sneak past air units. It can be used to set up offensive plays, or defensively to protect your Princess Towers. The strategic possibilities of the Royal Ghost seem endless at this point.

The Royal Ghost is available now in Clash Royale.