Ruins Magus, an anime-inspired spellcasting game, announced for Oculus Quest 2

A new fantasy adventure for the Oculus Quest that may enchant players.

Screenshot via Mastiff YouTube

Ever wanted to play an action RPG and explore an anime world in VR at the same time? Ruins Magus looks to be offering just that when it releases this spring for the Oculus Quest 2 and Steam VR.

We’ll be venturing forth is a vibrant fantasy world that will, according to the developers, have “an engrossing narrative, a heartwarming musical score, and well-known Japanese voice actors” performing the roles.

In Ruins Magus, you play as a novice spellbinder that investigates the abandoned ruins below your town. You’ll find artifacts that will help the town monetarily as you defeat guardians and solve puzzles along the way. The developer promises the game will have over 25 quests as you find new items and upgrade your equipment over the course of the RPG experience.

Ruins Magus will use the capabilities of the Oculus Touch controllers with your right hand performing 14 different types of spells and the left hand blocking attacks with a shield. VR mechanics will also be intertwined with the combat and puzzles in the game.

In addition to the magical options in Ruins Magus, you can collect 13 different items like potions, injections, and grenades in the game. There are also nine armor, gauntlet, and shield types to find throughout the game. We hope to be enchanted by Ruins Magus when it releases on Oculus Quest and SteamVR later in spring.