Rumor: Kalypso accidentally confirms Xbox 720 and PS4 for Q1 2013?

Earlier today Kalypso Media published a press release for Demonicon and guess what it carries a text indirectly stating that next generation console (PS4 and Xbox 360) will launch in Q1 of 2013.

Check out the text that features in a press release for Demonicon below.

“Today, Kalypso Media is pleased to release new screenshots which illustrate the darkness that permeates the world of Demonicon, the action-RPG set for release on PC and next generation consoles in Q1 2013.”

Next Generation Console

Yes you read it right, it states next generation consoles in first quater of 2013. This text from Kalypso might be refering to Wii U but that extra “S” in the word CONSOLES raises many eyebrows.

What you guys think on all this. Do let us know your views in the comment section below.