Tuba Time: Rust Now Has Tubas, and Other Instruments, for Players to Use


Rust, a game about scavenging, building, and surviving, has had many things requested for it by its stout, dedicated fanbase. Tubas haven’t been at the top of that list.

Well, Facepunch Studios, the studio behind the survival game, has introduced not only tubas but an assortment of instruments to the game with its first paid DLC.

Players can purchase the Rust Instrument Pack for $10 on Steam, and it’s 10 percent off until Dec. 12. The DLC comes with tubas, pianos, a drum kit, guitars, and an assortment of other buildable instruments. The pack isn’t necessary for you to enjoy the instruments.

While the DLC has to be bought for players to build them, once made, players can share them with others, even those who don’t own the DLC. You can try static instruments available at the new music stage in the Compound for everyone to try.

The instruments in Rust won’t force you to play a preset song programmed into the game. “They all use a completely overhauled music system that allows you to play specific notes (A, B, C, D, E, F, G) across multiple octaves,” Facepunch said. For anyone with a MIDI-compatible device, you can connect it to your PC and add further depth to the instruments. The acoustic guitar already in the game works with this new system, as well.

Here is the list of instruments and materials needed to build them:

  • Wheelbarrow Piano (200 Wood, 100 Metal Frags)
  • Junkyard Drum Kit (200 Wood, 100 Metal Frags)
  • Shovel Bass (50 Wood, 75 Metal Frags)
  • Sousaphone (100 Metal Frags)
  • Jerry Can Guitar (25 Wood, 50 Metal Frags)
  • Xylobones (50 Bone Fragments)
  • Plumber’s Trumpet (75 Metal Frags)
  • Cowbell (35 Metal Frags)
  • Canbourine (25 Metal Frags)
  • Pan Flute (20 Metal Frags, 5 Cloth)

In addition to the instruments, the DLC also adds viewable legs to the game, meaning that players can now look down and see their character’s legs. Players had a chance to view this ahead of time with humorous results.

Finally, there are some smaller, general bug fixes to the game. Loading times have gone down, and horses have better navigation. For players who own Garry’s Mod, you can now have the GMod Tool Gun, a hammer replacement to celebrate the game’s 15th anniversary.

We are sure the community of the game will not use these new instruments for any annoying purposes or behavior. The DLC pack is available now for PC on Steam.