Ryan Reynolds Was Nathan Drake In A First Draft Of The Uncharted Movie

Perhaps you remember that Joe Carnahan (Smokin’ Aces, A-Team) was originally working on an Uncharted movie script.

In 2016, for some reason, that script was refused by Sony, which later on embarked in a new quest with Spider-Man: Homecoming’s lead Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake.

Carnahan has now revealed that his draft of the script was meant to be played by Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds as Drake.

“It was definitely skewed to an adult audience and I think that Ryan Reynolds was very, very close to doing it and they called his options on Deadpool and took him out of consideration. But I think he was really close to playing Drake,” Carnahan said at Discussing Film.

“My version of Uncharted was we spent a few pages with a 14 year-old Drake like in the third [game]. And then you went to the Drake that everybody knows.

The script was fantastic, I was very, very pleased with how the script came out. It was really entertaining, funny and it worked. Who knows, they might use portions of it.”

That’s quite different from how the movie ultimately shaped up now, and is worth noting that the draft was meant to please Amy Hennig, the creator of the series, and not Naughty Dog.

Indeed, Carnahan had quite a troubled relationship with the studio, even calling now VP Neil Druckmann “a jerkoff.”

“Yeah, that jerkoff. Whatever, there was a bit of saboteuring there going on with Naughty Dog.

Amy created that world and she was the one that I really wanted to please. That other guy, whatever the hell his name is, he’s a hitchhiker.”

Hopefully things will go better this time around.