Saints Row V Announcement Coming in 2020


It’s been almost five years since we’ve seen an official entry in the Saints Row franchise. Sure, there was Agents of Mayhem, but it was more of an entertaining spin-off than a sequel. That will change next year, as Koch Media is just about ready to count to five with the series.

GamesIndustry International recently spoke with Koch CEO Klemens Kundratitz about what’s in store for the company for 2020, and the long-awaited sequel came up. “Saints Row is very close to our hearts, and we’ll talk about it next year,” he said. “For the time being, we just wanted to get the word out that it’s coming, and it’s going to be great.”.

Volition will once again handle development, continuing the story that we’ve come to expect from “Da Row.” “Saints Row is Saints Row. [Those games and Mayhem] are similar, for sure, but they’re also completely different,” Kundratitz explained. “With Volition, we have the creators of all the Saints Row games as an internal studio, and they’re not going to be distracted by anything else from creating our next game under this important franchise.”

A specific date wasn’t given for Saints Row V’s reveal. One thing we shouldn’t expect, however, is a surprise reveal during The Game Awards, Kundratitz said.

2020 could also be a big year for the company as far as TimeSplitters goes, too. The publishing team picked up the rights to the franchise a while back, and is “exploring ways to bring TimeSplitters back,” though no other details were given. An announcement for this franchise in 2020 wouldn’t be a bad thing either, especially since we haven’t seen it in years.