Sakurai comments on Smash DLC plans, new character selection, and series future plans

He also talks about other projects and his desire to develop away from Smash.

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There are currently no plans for any further DLC for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate after the now announced second Fighter’s Pass, according to the series creator Masahiro Sakurai.

The Japanese game developer revealed some details about the game’s development process, plus his personal feelings towards the game and games development in an interview with Famitsu, which have been uploaded and loosely translated by Twitter user BlackKite.

He confirmed that once the next set of fighters in the second Fighters Pass have been released, that is likely to be it for the game. Sakurai stated that releasing the content piece by piece is also helping with the longevity of the series as it allows for a steady stream of content, but beyond this new pass, there are no plans for any more additions.

The interview also highlighted some other interesting tidbits, such as how he completes his work. There is an extreme sense of selflessness, where he states, “I don’t move based on my own desires like wanting to make or direct a new game. Basically, I intend to work to make people other than myself happy.” He also says that he currently is personally fine with not releasing any new games in the future because of his work with the Smash series.

The process for selecting characters for Smash also appears to be out of his hands, although he has the power of veto, but tends not to use it due to his process for ideas. The procedure is that Nintendo comes to him with the plans for characters rather than he makes the suggestion, which might surprise some people considering how integral he is to the Smash franchise.

The interview also confirmed that Ultimate would be the only Smash Bros game that fans can expect to see on the Switch hardware, which is likely to explain the amount of DLC that has been announced for the game since release.

The interview offers some interesting insights into the man that has created one of the most beloved fighting game series ever created. Whether he does harbor a desire to create something new, only he will know, but Sakurai is usually candid in interviews, so it’s hard to tell for sure. Whether he would be involved in the next installment though, is anyone’s guess.