Samurai Shodown Slices Its Way Onto Nintendo Switch This February


After leaving its mark on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One earlier this year, SNK’s revival of the Samurai Shodown series is ready to slice and dice onto the Nintendo Switch.

GameStop recently updated its listing for the upcoming release with a date of Feb. 25, 2020. This doesn’t seem too far off from the game’s Japanese debut, which is on Dec. 12.

SNK brought the series back after a nearly 10-year absence earlier in 2019, combining its 3D visuals with classic 2D gameplay. That went over well with fans, who enjoyed its slow-paced combat and dramatic moments.

For those who pre-order the game before its release, there are a couple of bonuses in store. First, the classic Neo-Geo game Samurai Shodown 2 is available free right away, so players can work on their Switch fighting skills before the new game drops. There’s also a special JoyCon controller skin, pictured below, that will be included with the package. It features a pair of warriors from the game, including the legendary Haohmaru, with sword in hand.

Samurai Shodown

More details about the game are available on the official Samurai Shodown website, and we’ve included the latest trailer below. This should be a fun addition to Nintendo’s growing library of fighting games, based on the early footage seen so far. Just make sure you get a proper controller to play it with, because trying to play this with a JoyCon will leave cramps in your fingers.