Say goodbye to Fortnite’s Tomato Town and hello to Tomato Temple


With today’s 5.3 update in Fortnite: Battle Royale, one major change is coming to the game’s map —say goodbye to Tomato Town.

Tomato Town is not a town at all anymore, as it’s been replaced with a jungle temple and renamed to Tomato Temple. The tomato head is still there, though, and he’s looking as regal as ever with a makeshift crown on his head.

The change was first spotted and named on Twitter by @FNLeak, who posted the unlockable loading screen for finishing all of week eight’s challenges. 

@FNLeak also mentioned something found within the files involving an event with a “Cube,” complete with some very weird sound files, and something called “Crack Lightning.” It seems likely that whatever happens with this Cube will be season five’s version of the rocket launch in season four and the meteor strike in season three, changing up the map for the next season.

Tomato Town’s change to Tomato Temple could be the start of a slew of map changes to come to Fortnite between now and the end of season five and beginning of season six. Considering the stone tomato head that appeared in-game a few days ago was looking at the bunker in Wailing Woods, it’s possible that the cube could come from there.

The change to Tomato Town is a very welcome one, as that area of the map has been leftover from the very early days of Fortnite, and it is extremely underwhelming compared to the new locations that have been added since.

The map change is live now, so jump in and check out the new location.