Scalebound Dev Platinum Games Working On A New And Revolutionary Action Title

Platinum Games is known for its over the top action games, which have often resulted in some of the most appreciated titles spanned over the course of different years and platforms thanks to a very open approach to the development process.

We still have Scalebound in our minds, which was being made as a Microsoft-funded Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive title, but that’s apparently not made a long standing impression over at the Japanese studio as it is still working on something totally new and mind-blowing.

Scalebound Dev Working On A Revolutionary Action Game

During a panel at Bitsummit, Atsushi Inaba indeed made a claim that the developer is already working on an unannounced game that is looking so promising that’ll “turn the action genre on its head.”

As of today, we don’t have any idea about what this could possibly be. Interestingly, we know that Platinum is working on Bayonetta 3 for Nintendo Switch, but this apparently isn’t connected for any reason to that.

So, there’s a new title in the making at the much beloved Japanese developer, and most probably this is going to be a brand new IP. Is it going to be exclusive to some platform, though? And for what specific reason it could be considered a total flip for the action genre?

As it looks rather early in the process, we’ll probably be required to see Bayonetta 3 ship for Nintendo Switch first, and then it’ll take some time in the next couple years before we will learn more.