Scalebound Pops Up On Microsoft Store Again, It’s Just An Error Though

Scalebound still represents an open wound for many Xbox One users and Microsoft supporters around the world, as it was one of the most promising games for the console and was abruptly cancelled after several delays.

During the last few hours, and for a little while, it looked like the platform owner could be looking again at that decision and change its mind, although. The game made indeed an unexpected return on Microsoft Store, where it was showcased at first as Platinum title and than simply as a “Microsoft Studios” production.

Scalebound Reappears On Microsoft Store

Why did the game return to the Microsoft Store so much time after it got cancelled? Well, that certainly sparked a few rumors revolving around the fact that the intellectual property still is in the hands of Microsoft, and that it could’ve made the decision to hand out the development to someone else.

At any rate, pretty quickly, Aaron Greenberg, the marketing boss at Xbox, pointed out on Twitter that things just were not as they seemed. He said indeed that the listing showed up out of an error and that the database team is already working on it, in order to make it reflect the current state of things.

That’s a sad occurrence we must say, but anyway would you really want to see a Scalebound title not developed by Platinum Games? That’s something you should really careful about desiring…