Scalebound Returns, Listing Pops Up On Amazon


Amazon is often a weird place where for some reason you can get announcements way earlier than planned.

At times, though, it’s also a place where stuff pops up and never happens, and most probably this is the case with the news we’re reporting.

Scalebound has indeed made an unanticipated comeback on Amazon France, where it’s scheduled for a release on December 31, 2020.

Of course, the date is a placeholder and the listing itself doesn’t mean anything at all, considering the game’s no more in development.

It’s been cancelled in January 2017 and, while the IP is owned by Microsoft, its developer Platinum Games has moved onto other projects.

Curiously enough, Amazon France is also listing Fable Legends, another title for Xbox One and Windows 10 which has been cancelled.

On top of that, it must be considered that the game doesn’t have a developer anymore, since Lionhead Studios has been closed.

So don’t expect anything to happen about these two titles, but at least it’s fun to see how things like this can occur to big retailers, too.

Scalebound Returns, Listing Pops Up On Amazon

Source: Game Fragger