SCUM introduces golden gun, mysterious 4:20 watch to commemorate one million sales

Over one million prisoners have looted, killed, and survived the odds in the harsh world of SCUM since the game released on Aug. 29.

The game takes place in a large prison where players are expected to eat, kill, survive, among other things. The game includes an intricate system that forces players to manage the types of food they intake, the amount of calories they burn, and how they cure different types of illnesses.

To celebrate the huge sales milestone, made less than a month since it release on early alpha, Devolver Digital are releasing a brand new patch that will include some limited time items for players to get their hands on.

SCUM on Twitter

SCUM has crossed 1 million units sold – to celebrate the new patch includes a limited-time gold handgun for all prisoners and permanent watch for Supporter Pack owners! Details:

The first of these items is a golden DEagle .50, which players can grab through their prison wallet. Don’t expect to get any bullets for it when you spawn, though. You can still craft or find bullets in the world.

A silver version of the DEagle .50 and .357 has also been added to the game through today’s patch notes. This DEagle will only be available through looting and will not be given to the player by any other means.

The final item given to players to celebrate the milestone is a “Nice Watch,” which will only be available to those who paid for the Supporter Pack at launch. Right now, the watch only tells you the time, but it will have more “useful features” in future updates. In the announcement, the Nice Watch says 420. A real Nice Watch would say 69.