Sea of Stars DLC Throes of the Watchmaker is Already Underway

The DLC was part of the games Kickstarter back in 2020.


Image via Sabotage Studio

Sea of Stars has been a massive hit with fans and critics, and is seen as one of the year’s biggest highlights. With its success, you might think Sabotage Studio would take a moment to enjoy its time in the spotlight, but it turns out they are already hard at work on DLC for the JRPG, along with a brand new project.

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Sabotage Studio Will Take a Similar Development Approach to The Messenger

Screenshot by Gamepur

The news comes via a recent story from Kakuchopurei, who reports that during an interview with Radio Canada last week, game director Thierry Boulanger said that DLC will be coming to the JRPG, as well as stating a new project is in the works at the studio.

In the interview, Boulanger explains that the studio is currently split in two, with one part beginning work on the next project for the studio, while the other group is working on the DLC for Sea of Stars. This is the same process the studio took with their previous title, The Messenger, back in 2018, which saw the Picnic Panic DLC launch a year later.

The DLC will be titled “Throes of the Watchmaker” and technically was announced back in March 2020 when the game’s Kickstarter campaign was underway, as it was one of the stretch goals during the funding. They have been very tight-lipped on what to expect, but we know it will allow the developers to form more links to the studio’s previous title, The Messenger. For those unaware, Sea of Stars is a prequel to The Messenger, with the former having a few tidbits that link the two together, but with this DLC, it seems they plan to make that a bigger focus.

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Elsewhere in Sea of Stars news, the game has seen major success since its launch, selling over 100,000 copies on its first day, and receiving both critical and commercial success for the studio and game. We gave it top points in our review for its incredible world and gameplay, and it seems the studio is continuing its upward trend as more players enjoy the game.

Sea of Stars is out now on PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. You can also play the game via Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus.