Sea of Thieves closed beta extended following a frustrating start


The latest Sea of Thieves closed beta just set sail, and it’s been hitting tons of snags since its debut. That’s why Rare has announced that the Closed Beta will be extended by two days so more players will have a chance to experience life on the high seas. 

At first, the closed beta launched later than its projected start time. Then, players were unable to get into the game entirely, facing error an error message that proclaimed “You’re Too Early” instead of letting them jump into their own pirate crews. 

The problems were ongoing for most of the day, and while some players could log on and play just fine, others were plagued by the issue for most of the first day of the closed beta. The error code is still appearing as of today, and the problem itself is available via the Customer Support team on the Sea of Thieves website to read up on. It’s already been documented, at least. 

Hopefully the problems are cleared up soon so everyone can get to peacefully pirating. The game’s probably fun if you can actually get into it and play.