Sea of Thieves Beta Infographic – More Than 3 Lakhs Players, 2 Million Plus Hours


The Closed beta of Sea of Thieves ended recently and Rare, the developers behind the game released the statistics of closed beta or the summary of the beta event. In total, the player count of the beta event was 332,052 players and all the players invested over 2 million hours in the game within the duration of the beta and that is impressive.

Sea of thieves Beta Infographic

Not only the hours for which the game was played is impressive but, also the viewers this game got when it was live streamed. About 25,000 players broadcasted their gameplay live or uploaded on the internet. And in total the game was watched for about 14.5 million hours by 104,240 viewers. Sea of Thieves videos even topped the charts on both Twitch and Mixer when the beta was going on.

Even though the game’s closed beta had a bumpy start, eventually it became successful. The game will be will be released on Xbox One and PC on 20th March 2018.

Sea of Thieves Beta Infographic