Sea of Thieves Beta Players are Struggling to Access the Game


Yaaaargh, mateys! It looks like it might be time to make the Sea of Thieves closed beta walk the plank.

Rare’s closed beta for the upcoming Xbox One exclusive was set to go live earlier today, but players found themselves faced with an error message that wouldn’t allow them to start playing the game at all. Instead of being able to jump into the game and start adventuring, some were given a “You’re Too Early” message and refused entry into the closed beta.

Rare says it’s currently investigating and troubleshooting the issue. While some players are able to log in just fine and get started seeking out sweet, sweet pirate booty, others are still seeing this message. It could be related to those who preordered the game and earned closed beta access that way, and as such Rare is looking into the situation for these customers as well as those assigned press keys.

If you’re planning on playing, Rare hasn’t yet issued an all clear statement on the issue. So it’s safe to say you may still run into problems. You may as well try though, and if you have the same error message make sure to report it to Rare, as the developer is collecting feedback via social media channels. 

Sea of Thieves is still a ways out, for anyone looking to play the full version, and will be launching on Xbox One and Windows 10 on March 20. Microsoft will be hosting the new release via its Xbox Game Pass service, where subscribers can download and play the game for free on release day on either platform. Just don’t get scurvy and have to stay in bed all day.