Sea of Thieves Content Update – The Hungering Deep – Now Live


Aside from Sea of Thieves having the best water we’ve ever seen in any game, sailing the seas with your pals can be an extremely rewarding and fun experience. So long as you haven’t grown bored of solving riddles, searching out treasure, or chasing chickens. Fortunately, Rare has just released the first free content update for Sea of Thieves.

The Hungering Deep

Admittedly, the trailer doesn’t give away a lot, but it does have me intrigued. Mysteries and riddles are the lifeblood of any good pirate, and The Hungering Deep seems to bring plenty of those.

Follow the trail of riddles and rumours to piece together what happened to ‘Merry’ Merrick, the proud owner of a pair of matching peg legs. Along the way, discover new features like the drum, ship’s flags, speaking trumpet (for shouting at other pirates) and selectable tattoos and scars (for looking good while shouting at other pirates)!

Cosmetic items are the perfect way to show off your pirate’s experiences and I’m looking forward to hitting the open seas this weekend to find out what’s going on here. Expect some additional guides to show up in our Sea of Thieves Guide Hub to assist you with solving the new mysteries.

The Hungering Deep Features

Sea of Thieves Content Update - The Hungering Deep - Now Live
TavernSea of Thieves • Fair Use

Included as part of The Hungering Deep campaign are new adventures and cosmetic items. The release notes provide some clues as to how to get started on this new journey:

  • Bilge Rats – To stay in the know as to what is changing in the Sea of Thieves, visit the Bilge Rat character in the taverns to discover what time-limited events are active. Whether it’s The Hungering Deep or future events, this is the place to go!
  • New Threat – Something old, vast and hungry is surfacing. Follow the trail of riddles and rumours. We hope you live to tell the tale.
  • Speaking Trumpet – Parley! Let other ships know if you are friend or foe with the new Speaking Trumpet, making yourself heard from longer distances. The first Speaking Trumpet is obtainable through The Hungering Deepcampaign, but purchasable variants will be arriving in the shops in the near future.
  • Ship’s Flags – Want to sink and plunder, or seek allies to adventure with? Let your intentions be known with new flags which can be raised high above your ship! Climb up to the crow’s nest and decide which to raise.
  • Drum – BOOM! Pirate percussionists (inspired by Merrick himself) can now be heard all across the seas. The first drum is obtainable through The Hungering Deep campaign, but purchasable variants will be arriving in the shops in the near future.
  • Tattoos – Many pirates wanted them and now they are here! Check out the vanity chest for 16 sailor tattoo sets and visit the clothing shop on outposts for stocks of four purchasable tattoo sets.
  • Scars – What enemies have fallen to your pirate might? Scars earned through campaigns and events such as The Hungering Deep will allow you to tell a story of your pirate’s history and adventures. These are not purchasable, they must be earned.

Fun with Flags

Sea of Thieves Content Update - The Hungering Deep - Now Live
FlagsSea of Thieves • Fair Use

Flags are a new customization item that are introduced with this latest patch and will allow your pirate to show off his or her adventuring prowess. Additionally some new clothing options will be added to make your pirate look the part.

  • Shark Hunter Figurehead, Sails, Hull & Flag – With the strange increase in shark activity in the seas, shark hunting is on the rise! Shipwrights have caught on early to this trend and now stock a new figurehead, sail, hull and flag.
  • Sailor Sail Tints – Want a splash of colour on your ship but don’t have the coin? Those Shipwrights are impossible to bargain with. Sailor colour variants for you more cost-conscious pirates are now being stocked. These include Black, Grass Green, Royal Blue, Red and Yellow.
  • Majestic Sovereign Clothing – If it’s time to freshen up your look, check out the new Majestic Sovereign set in the clothing shop, it may tickle your fancy! Remember stock is different from outpost to outpost, so you may want to check the Ancient Isles.
  • Item Color Variants – Purchased the Grand Admiral, Castaway Bilge Rat, Ruffian Sea Dog or Imperial Sovereign clothing sets but want matching items? Now they are here! Shipments have arrived at the equipment shops on outposts.
  • Pirate Legend Dress – We heard feedback from our Pirate Legends that in the approach to summer, a breezy alternative to the existing Legendary attire would be appreciated. Future Pirate Legends will automatically be awarded this dress, and existing Pirate Legends can grab it in the Hideout for free.
  • Ghost Dress – Arriving in the same shipment as the Pirate Legend Dress, pirates can now complete the Ghost set with the dress, stocked in the Pirate Legends Hideout clothing shop.
  • Pirate Legend Flag – Are you even a legend if you don’t have a flag to say so? Some say not. Rush to the Shipwright in the Pirate Legends Hideout to get yours!

I smell a salty breeze in the air, and it’s not last night’s dinner! We’ll be setting sail again this weekend now that The Hungering Deep is available for free on Xbox One and PC. Get out there, pirate!