A Sea of Thieves datamine may reveal additional features in the full game—including a kraken


New information for Sea of Thieves has surfaced , giving players an idea of what they could expect to see in the full version on March 20.

Dataminers dug up extra maps, items, NPCs, and a Kraken from the Sea of Thieves open beta during the latest patch.

The Kraken is the biggest find. The mythical beast has been teased in multiple trailers and images released by Rare in the past but the Kraken did not appear in the open beta. The Kraken apparently wraps its tentacles around ships before dragging them into a watery grave.

The data miners also list four separate maps, indicating that we might get more places to explore then the Caribbean landscape that we have seen thus far.

In addition to these files, new instruments, stores, and NPCs were also discovered as well as the long-sought-after ship customization options.

This information should be taken with a pinch of salt, however. Rare has remained tight lipped on what players can expect from the game when it releases for Xbox One and PC, so anything is possible at this point.

The Sea of Thieves open beta is still live until tomorrow for those who preordered the game.