Prepare for the Sea of Thieves closed beta this week with a new developer update


Sea of Thieves’ closed beta is due to kick off this Wednesday, and Rare has released a new developer update just ahead of it to show off the game’s gorgeous open world.

In the video, Ryan Stevenson, a developer and art director on Sea of Thieves, shows off the game’s “interesting and romantic world full of intrigue and beauty that the player can explore and discover.”

The environment looks pretty varied, too, with dark wild environments and lush paradises all the same. It looks as though there will be plenty to look around and see.

The water in Sea of Thieves is especially beautiful, as one would hope, considering how a chunk of the game takes place on the open seas with pirate ships. Even the depths underneath the surface have received a lot of attention.

Sea of Thieves is a world full of rich history, but it’s a world that’s still changing and evolving as the golden age of piracy is still yet to come,” said Stevenson.

Sea of Thieves’ unique visual style makes it a very interesting draw, and many players will be taking their first plunge in the closed beta this week. The beta goes from Jan. 24 to 28 and is playable on both Xbox One and Windows 10 for players who have preordered the game.