Sea of Thieves February Pirate Emporium update brings new pets equipment and outfits to stoke lovers’ fires

What’s new in the Emporium?

Sea of Thieves continues to implement new clothes, equipment, pets, and more for players to access in the Pirate Emporium. Rare just released a new batch of cosmetics for pirates all around to sea to flaunt as part of the February Pirate Emporium update.

When it comes to already owned pets, players can pick up the new Sea Dog outfits for all of their different furry friends. These outfits can be purchased for each pet variant.

For collectors of specialty pets, the Reaper’s Heart cat, monkey, and parrot are all available now. If you wanted to match with your second in command, you can also pick up the Reaper’s Heart equipment set.

Reaper’s Heart Cat
Reaper’s Heart Equipment

While it may be passed Valentine’s Day, pirates will still be able to show their love for one another with the new Lovestruck emote bundle. However, for the more cold hearted, and pirates on budget, you can pick up the free Point and Laugh emote at the Emporium.

Lovestruck bundle
Point and Laugh Emote

The largest set in the update is the Rogue Tinkerer. This new set has multiple bundles including a ship set, weapons and a four uniform crew set. For the players who truly want show their dedication to craftsmanship, this may be the set for you.

Rogue Tinkerer Ship
Rogue Tinkerer Weapons
Rogue Tinkerer Outfits

Keep in mind, items in the Pirate Emporium can only be purchased with Ancient Coins, the game’s microtransaction currency.